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After being established in 2000 Profiton Ltd. followed some years of restrained activity until 2005, when it took up the duty of publishing the Székely Hírmondó weekly, the most considerable weekly newspaper in Covasna county. After this the company joined a period of high development. In 2006 it launched the Profi radio-station in the area of Târgu Secuiesc (Kézdivásárhely) and surroundings; however its licence has subsequently been transferred to an other interested company. Our firm also provides an expert editing and selling service for books and magazines – we have managed to publish a large range of calendars, brochures and other printed materials throughout the years. Its secondary field of activity consists in organizing events and it operates as an advertising agency. Its main activity continues to be publishing the Székely Hírmondó weekly, that keeps on being the most important weekly newspaper of the region. With a large team of committed employees and co-workers, our company has managed to generate remarcable profit along the years.